Cloud Campaign User Guide

Welcome to CloudCampaign! We’re so glad to have you join the Cloud Campaign family! This guide provides platform-specific training and resources to help you get off to a great and productive start. 

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How to add a new brand workspace

How do I change the brand logo of a workspace

How do I change the timezone for a brand 

How Do I Delete A Brand Workspace

How do I freeze and/or reactivate a workspace 

How does per-brand billing work



How to Link Social Media Accounts

How can my client make me an admin to their Facebook business page

Working With Pinterest and Cloud Campaign

How to Publish to your Facebook Group

How to Link Facebook and Instagram accounts



How to Create Content

Editing a Caption vs. Adding a Caption

How to Create and Manage Categories

How do I create content with the Canva integration

How do I make platform-specific captions for a piece of content

How Do I Tag Pages on Social Media

How do I Delete Content in Bulk

How do I format my CSV content for bulk uploading

How do I import all of my blog posts

How to Set Up Auto-import with Google Drive

How do I Bulk Upload Media

How do I create hashtag categories for my content



How can my client approve content before it is published

How to turn on approval notifications



How do I Post Immediately to Multiple Accounts

How To Create and Auto-Fill a Schedule

How to Best Drag and Drop Content onto the Calendar



What can you do in the "Recent Posts" section

What can you do in the Direct Messages section

What can you do with mentions

What can I do in the Social Inbox



How do I Create and Share Reports

How do I Enable Ad Analytics



How do I integrate Google Analytics

How do I Set-Up Slack Alerts for a Brand

How to turn on Brand Notifications

How to enable approvals for all content by default



Where Can I Find My Billing Information

How to enable account-wide notifications for users

How Do I Add and/or Manage Users



How to resolve permissions issues with Instagram and Facebook
How do I change my password

How to resolve User Access Restricted error message for Instagram

My Pages Keep Getting Disconnected Or Are Missing

My Schedule Queues aren't Auto-Filling

Why Are My Videos Not Posting Correctly

Why Isn't My Social Inbox Populating From Facebook

Social Media Specification Guide

How to set up Meta Business Suite