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Schedule queues aren't auto-filling

Did you set up an auto-filled schedule but aren't seeing your content load in?


This could be why:

Default Accounts for content don't match the selected accounts in the schedule

This is one of the most common reasons why queues aren't pulling in content. The selected accounts in your schedule must be at least equally matching to the selected default publishing accounts on the content items.

Your schedule and content might look something like this:


The category tags match for my schedule and content library yet my queue is still empty. You'll see in the upper right of my schedule that Pinterest and Instagram accounts are selected. I now need to check that the content I want also has at least both Instagram and Pinterest selected as well


In the Content Library, find a piece of content that should be in your schedule and click the three dots in the upper right corner.

Under the Publishing tab, select the appropriate default accounts corresponding to the accounts in your schedule.

Click Update.


Content should now auto-fill into your schedule!


You can also change the default accounts of multiple pieces of content at once with Bulk Operations. To do this:


In the Content Library, click the gear icon in the center of your screen. Select Bulk Operations, click Select Default Accounts then Select Content


You can now individually select your content by clicking each item or you can select an entire category from the left side of the screen.

Click Add Items


Select the appropriate default accounts then click Add Default Account


All your content should now auto-fill into your schedule!