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How to set up Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite, formerly Facebook Business Suite is a free platform to use to manage your Facebook business and Instagram accounts in one place. Here are some steps you can do to set it up for use with Cloud Campaign.

-How to Connect an Instagram Account to the Facebook Business Account:

  1. Go to your business account and click on “Settings” from the sidebar on the left hand side. Select “Business assets,” and then click on the “Instagram accounts” tab, and then click on “Add Instagram account.”

  1.   Enter your login for Instagram. If you are logged in already, you might be prompted to  connect this account. Verify it is the right account that you want to connect or click on “Switch accounts” to login to the correct on.

  1.   Click “Confirm” to connect your Instagram account to Meta Business Suite.

  1.   If successful the main page in the Meta Business Suite should show the Facebook and Instagram profile pictures together.

How the settings page should be set up in Meta Business Suite for Cloud Campaign

  1.   On the Meta Business Suite home page, click on “All Tools” on the left side bar

  1.   On the all tools page click on “Page Settings”

  1.   On the page settings screen, all the options should mirror the ones as shown below for Cloud Campaign to be able to utilize all the API data from the connected Facebook account