How to freeze and/or reactivate a workspace

How to freeze and/or reactivate a workspace?


Freezing a workspace


When you freeze a workspace:

All scheduled posts will be disabled

Auto-Importer sources will be disabled

We'll continue to pull analytics for the social accounts

The customer won't be charged for the workspace


Note: A brand needs to active for 30-days before you can freeze it. Once a brand is frozen, will automatically be deleted after 90-days

To Freeze a workspace, click your name in the top right corner of your screen and then click on Account Settings


From here, you will click on the tab which says Brands. All of your workspaces will be listed here with a small gear icon next to each one. You can click on the corresponding gear icon to freeze that workspace.


Reactivating a workspace:


Note: After reactivating a workspace, you must wait 30 days before you can freeze that brand again

To reactivate a frozen workspace:


Similar to freezing a brand, you can navigate to the corresponding gear icon again only this time you will select Reactivate brand. Note: any frozen brands will be located at the bottom of your brand list and will appear greyed out.