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How to import all of my blog posts

Importing your blog using the auto-importer is a huge timesaver, but what if your RSS feed only generates the 10 most recent blog posts?

If you have a Wordpress blog, you're in luck.

Navigate to your Wordpress Writing settings by Clicking here or Open your Wordpress account. Click 'Settings' from the left nav bar, then click 'Writing'

Depending on your Wordpress settings, you may need to click Reading Settings instead of Writing.

Change your Syndication Feed settings to display the 100 most recent posts

Click Save Settings and navigate back to your Cloud Campaign account.

Navigate to the Auto Importer by clicking here.

Paste your blog's RSS feed. Read this article if you don't know your blog's RSS feed.

Once you're done importing the articles, switch your blog's feed count back to 10 or 15.