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How to create hashtag categories for my content?

How to create and add hashtag categories to a single piece of content

Hashtags are a great way to increase engagement on your posts. With Cloud Campaign you can create and save hashtag categories that will save you time when making future captions.

When creating or editing a piece of content:

Navigate to the Captions tab, write some content, and click the pound symbol in the lower left of the text box

Click Add/Manage Hashtags

Click Create New Hashtag

Name your hashtag category and write in up to 30 hashtags separated with a space.

Click Create

You can now click on your saved hashtag category to automatically load in all the hashtags, saving you time for the next similar post!

(Numbers to the left indicate the number of hashtags in your category)

That's it, use your saved hashtag categories to save time for future posts!