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How to Create Content

This article will walk you through how to add content into your content library, so that you can share content to your social media accounts!

Navigate to the Content Library and click 'Create Content'.

Give your content a title. This will help keep your content organized and easily searchable. Likewise, without a title you may experience posting issues for certain platforms.

Select the media type for this new piece of content. You can choose between an image, video, or link as the media type.

Once your media is uploaded, click 'Next Step'.

Write out a caption for your piece of content and click 'Next Step'.

You can create platform-specific captions via the steps here. Creating platform-specific captions will also allow you to tag other social media pages or accounts.

To add hashtags to your caption, click the # icon to preload groups of commonly used hashtags. For more details, check out this article. You can also add emojis by clicking the emoji icon.

Tag your piece of content with a category, or create a new category. Categories help you organize your content and automate your posting. Click 'Next Step'.

Choose the accounts you want this piece of content to publish to and click 'Save Content'.

This content will still need to be scheduled in order for it to post. If you've already created an autofilled schedule based on the category tagged, go to schedules on the left-hand menu to confirm the content was added to the schedule.

You just created a piece of content! This content can be edited at any time from the content library.

Looking for other ways to import content in bulk? Check out how to bulk upload content via CSV.