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How to Turn Brand Notifications On

Want to get notified for post and social account updates? This article will walk you through how to enable those for each of your brand workspaces. 


First, navigate to your home dashboard. It will look like the following image. Once there, click the settings icon in the top left under your brand workspace name. 


In brand settings, click on the “Notifications” tab. 

Here you can enable these different notifications. You’ll be able to add multiple emails for the “Weekly Account Updates”, and 1 email for the other 3. 


Expiring Credentials will alert you when certain social accounts are going to need to be relinked, with 3 days advance notice. 


Post Alerts will alert you anytime a successful post was sent out for that brand workspace.


Post Failure notifications will alert you anytime a post fails to be sent out for any reason. 


*We highly recommend enabling “Post Failure” notifications, as this will provide a full error message if you were ever have a post fail.