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Why isn't my social inbox populating from Facebook

Why isn't my social inbox populating from Facebook

If you find that your social inbox is not pulling in your community engagement, it's most likely due to a missing permission needed from Facebook.

Step 1

Open up the Facebook page that you have admin access to, click the drop down in the top right, and click on settings.

Step 2

Click on Business Integrations on the left menu, and click on "View and Edit" next to our name.

Once there, verify that the setting "Manage accounts, settings, and webhooks for a Page" is toggled on, and click save

If your Business Integration Settings do not have the "webhook" option, you will need to follow one, or both, of the steps below.

Method 1

Navigate to Facebook Business manager at business.facebook.com

Once there, click on "Business assets", then click on "Pages".

You will be able to click into the permissions from here, and ensure that the following are selected from the image below:

Method 2

Open up your Business Integration Settings, as shown above.

Check that you have the toggle that includes "webhooks" as an option. If you do, make sure it's turned on.

If you don't have that toggle, then you will need to go through the steps to link a Facebook account to the platform, and it will prompt you to allow this specific permission.

Now you are all set up to receive your community engagement from Facebook!