How does brand billing work?

Cloud Campaign's agency plan allows enterprise brands and marketing agencies to manage many brands at scale.

Instead of nickel and dime-ing you for every user or account that you manage, our billing is designed to grow as you grow.

All agency plans start with a set number of free brand workspaces. Each additional brand workspace after will incur an add-on fee.

How Much does it Cost?

After you've used up all included brand workspaces, there is an add-on fee for each additional workspace after 5.

On the Studio Tier, the additional cost is $25/mo

On the Agency Tier, the additional cost is $35/mo

For example, if you have 7 brand workspaces, your monthly cost will be (base_fee + $25 * 2).

Can I add Brands in the Middle of the Month?

Yup, all costs are pro-rated. If you add an additional brand workspace in the middle of the month, you only pay $12.50 instead of the total $25.

What Happens if I Delete Brands?

No longer need a brand workspace? No biggie -- delete it and your monthly cost will decrease by $25/mo (prorated).