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How to drag and drop content onto the calendar

If your preferred method of scheduling content is drag and drop onto the calendar, this article will give you the best practices on how to do so.

There are 3 different views on the calendar: monthly, weekly, and daily. Each have their own benefits and limitations, but all are useful!

Monthly view

This view is best used as a macro view of the content you have scheduled to go out.

You are able to drag and drop content to schedule it on this view, but this view does have the most restrictions as far as what you can/can't change.

the post will schedule at the statistically best time to post, based on past post performance data

you are unable to drag content to change the time of post, but you can drag to change the day of posting

Weekly view

This view is a good middle ground, where you can see a week's worth of content, but have a bit more capability than the monthly view.

when dropping onto the calendar, you can choose the time to post in 30 minute intervals

you can drag the content on the 30 minute intervals from when you originally scheduled the post to go out to change the time of a post

you are still able to drag content to a different day to re-schedule it

Daily view

This view allows you to see content on a micro level, where your capabilities are limited to that specific day you are looking at. It's capabilities are very similar to that of the weekly view.

you can drop content in the same 30 minute intervals as the weekly view, and re-schedule by dragging to the 30 min intervals

the main difference between this and weekly view is you cannot change the day of posting