How to delete a brand workspace

Keep in mind, once a workspace is deleted we will be unable to recover any of your content or information which was stored in that workspace!

To delete a workspace, click your name in the top right corner of your screen and then click on Account Settings

From here, you will click on the tab which says Brands. All of your workspaces will be listed here with a small gear icon next to each one. Click on the corresponding gear icon then select Freeze Brand

Not quite sure you want to delete your brand entirely? You can leave a brand frozen and on hold for 90 days before Cloud Campaign automatically deletes it from the system. Click here for more info about freezing brands.

The now frozen brand will be located at the bottom of you brand list and appear greyed out. Select the corresponding gear icon and click Delete Brand

*note: The initial master account cannot be deleted but you can change the name and logo of the workspace.