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How to set up auto-import with Google Drive

Cloud Campaign can automatically import media from your Google Drive. It updates hourly - saving you tons of time importing new content!

First, you will need to integrate your Google Drive account with Cloud Campaign.

Navigate to Brand Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper left of your screen.

Under the Integrations tab, click Add New, then select Google Drive

You will be redirected to log into Google Drive, choose the account you want to import content from

Give Cloud Campaign access by clicking Allow

Copy the code that appears and head back over to Cloud Campaign

Paste the code then click Authorize

Click Save Changes

Now it's time to set up that Auto Import

Click on Auto Import, located under the Create section on the left side of your screen. Click +New Source

Write in a title and select where you want the importer to pull from

You can click Toggle Advanced to set up category tags and default accounts for this content if you want

Best Practices Tip: Keeping titles and categories aligned makes staying organized easy! For example, say I wanted to create a schedule for "Motivation Monday" that publishes my content weekly on Monday. I have a Google Drive Folder specifically for "Motivation Monday" and have set-up this import to tag all content with the category "Motivation Monday". All new content to this folder is going to auto-import into Cloud Campaign and from now on this content is going to auto-populate without me ever having to worry about it again!

Click Select All or scroll and click the content you want to add.

Click Import Items

You did it! Cloud Campaign will import content from your folder every hour!