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How to resolve Instagram permissions issues

This article will take you through the proper setup and linking process for Instagram accounts to ensure reliable posting. If you are troubleshooting an error, such as "Insufficient Permissions", reviewing these steps may help resolve it.

1. Checking if you have "Select All" chosen when linking Instagram accounts
When you link an Instagram account, you'll want to always click "Select All" ONLY when you are redirected into Facebook. To check if you have that already selected, follow these steps:

Navigate to brand settings. Next click Add New, then on Instagram.

Follow the prompts presented on the warning page.

Once this screen pops up, click on Edit Settings.

When you arrive on this page, make sure to click "Select All" for the Instagram drop down.

NOTE: It's important to note this process will not link the accounts to Cloud Campaign. When you get to the final step of linking an Instagram account, and are redirected out of Facebook, at that point you would only select the account(s) you want linked to that workspace. 

From this step, there's 2 options for proceeding:
1. If you do see the Instagram you want to connect in the list above, and it wasn't already selected, click "Select All" and proceed to step #3.
2. If you don't see the Instagram account you want to connect in the list above, proceed to step #2. 

2. Check the connection status of your Instagram account to the specified Facebook page.

Open the Facebook page that should be linked to the Instagram account. Click Settings on the left side menu.

Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 11.41.43 AM

In Settings, select the Linked Accounts option and go to Instagram. 
Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 11.42.01 AM

Screen Shot 2023-05-17 at 11.42.07 AM

The connection will look like this when fully complete:


If the Instagram does not display there, go through the process of linking the Instagram to that Facebook page there. 

If there is a button that say "Review Connection", the original creator of the Facebook page will need to complete those steps. If they are unable to do so, or the original creator of the page is now known, these steps will help you set up a dummy Facebook page to connect the Instagram to instead, and get around this "Review Connection" request.

3. Checking the Business Integration Settings for Cloud Campaign
This step happens directly after Step #1 as you continue to click through the Instagram linking process. 

Click the blue Business Integration Settings hyperlink in the text shown below

Click on "view and edit" next to Cloud Campaign. Then, ensure all toggles are turned on and any lists of accounts you see in there have all the accounts selected, just like in Step #1 of this article (you can click the - symbol at the top right of each list to select all). Verify that all of the accounts are registered in the drop-down.


Once you have verified all of the Business Integration Settings have been turned on, click save and close the tab. Next, navigate back to the previous tab of Facebook that was open.

Once you are there, click OK. The setup wizard will take you out of Facebook and into the linking portal. From here you will select the account(s) that is connected to this brand workspace. 

NOTE: These tips will help prevent you from running into permissions errors going forward

Ensure the account isn't changed from a business account using the same steps from Step #1

When linking or troubleshooting other Instagram accounts, don't change the lists we previously asked you to click "Select All" for

Don't remove the connection between the Facebook page and Instagram account