Why Some Social Platform Metrics are Missing from Analytics

Although we endeavor to get all the page and post level metrics for your social accounts to show you in our Analytics solution, there are several common reasons why certain metrics may not be available.

Limitations on Historical Metrics

All social platforms have limitations on how far back in time they will provide data. We will start collecting historical metrics for your social accounts the moment you link them, but please be aware of the following platform limitations on how far back in time we are able to get data:

Platform Historical Data Limitation
Facebook 3 months
Instagram 30 days
Twitter 3 months
LinkedIn 6 months
YouTube 2 months
Pinterest 3 months
Google Business Profile 18 months
TikTok 12 months

Limitations on Minimum Followers

Some social platforms don't provide data for social accounts that don't meet a minimum threshold of followers. At this time, the following social platforms have such limitations:

Platform Minimum Followers
Instagram 100
TikTok 100