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Why am I getting unexplainable errors posting to Facebook and Instagram

The Cloud Campaign team has identified a few specific posting errors related to Facebook and Instagram. After an extensive investigation internally, and one with Meta, we've determined that these related issues are happening due to an error on Meta's end.

Based on our investigation, it's likely that the post did get posted (even with the post showing it failed), so we recommend checking the social media account natively before attempting the post again to avoid double posting. 

We have confirmed that these errors are affecting all 3rd party platforms in a similar manner, and is an issue stemming from Meta servers crashing. 

These errors include posting issues like:
A post fails with an error message related to "bitrate, resolution, etc.", but the post is within the specs 
A post receiving an error message along the lines of "an unknown error has occurred. please try again later"
A post receiving an error message like the one above, but Meta did actually receive and publish the post
A post that fails when first attempted, but posts successfully when attempted again shortly after 


We do understand how this may affect your business' workflows using Cloud Campaign, and apologize for any inconvenience these lingering issues may cause. We are going to continue to monitor this issue, and stay in contact with Meta throughout the process to get this resolved as soon as possible. 

If you experience one of the listed issues, or a separate issue you believe may be related, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, or to our support chat. We would be happy to discuss how we may be able to set up alternate workflows to limit the impact this has on your business, until Meta is able to resolve this on their end.