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How to Set Up Zapier to Dynamically Create Brand Workspaces


Before you get started with the Zapier integration to dynamically create new brand workspaces in your Cloud Campaign account, you must first join our Zapier Beta List!

Create an online form with one of the Zapier-approved apps. We used Wufoo, but feel free to use another preferred app! On the form, ensure there are at least these three fields: Name, Company Name, and Email Address

Click "Create Zap"

Give your Zap a title (Example: Cloud Campaign Workspace Generator)

Select a Trigger for your online form (This would be where you search "Wufoo" or whatever online form you're using)

Change your Trigger Event to “New Entry” and click continue

Sign into your Wufoo (or other app) account

Under Set Up Trigger, choose the specific form you’d like to use for new sign ups and click continue

Select an Action by searching for "Cloud Campaign" under App Event

When asked to Choose an Account, select the most recent version of Cloud Campaign

For the Action Event, click the drop down and select Create a Client Workspace and continue

Here, you'll be prompted to sign into your Cloud Campaign account and provide an API Key in a new window. To find the API Key, login to your CC account, click the upper-right drop down menu into "Developer Settings" and click "Generate New API Key." Once the code is created, copy and paste it back into the Zapier pop up window

In Set Up Action, match the corresponding fields to the properties on your form...

  1. a) Under the "Company Name" field select the Wufoo property “1. Company Name”
  2. b) Under “Create User?” determine if you want new users to be added into Cloud Campaign as well, by selecting “True” or “False” (True = Yes, add user. False = No, do not add user.)
  3. c) Under “User’s Email Address” select the Wufoo property “1. Email Address”
  4. d) Under “User’s Name” select “1. Full Name” and click continue

Test your Action to ensure everything is working properly! Once the Zap is turned on, you can now dynamically add new workspaces into your account via the online form!