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Facebook new page view(Fall 2022)

Facebook Business New Page View(Fall 2022)


Facebook has changed the views for their business pages, and Meta Business Suite.

How to link Instagram to Facebook Business page:

  1. From the main page above, click on Meta Business Suite on the left sidebar(can also access by going to business.facebook.com)
  2. Then click on the "All Tools" on the left side bar

On the next page click on “Page Settings”


Here is one of the steps that are different with the new page view. On the left side bar click on “Linked Accounts”



From there it will have Instagram and WhatsApp as options. Click on the blue “Connect Account” button.

After clicking on the “Connect Account”, this screen will appear

Click on the blue connect button, then a pop up will appear to login with the Instagram account login that you want linked to the Facebook(Meta Business) page.

After you enter in the correct login information, this screen will appear meaning that the Instagram account has been successfully linked to the FB Business page

How to add new users/switch user roles:


From the Meta Business page, click on the Settings icon on the bottom of the left side bar 


On the next page click on people


And then to give a new person access, click on “Add People” on the upper right side


After clicking on “Add People” this screen will appear. To be able to link the account to Cloud Campaign, and also link Instagram accounts, the user will need to be set up as an Admin.

After adding the email address of the people you want to add, click on the blue next button on the bottom right.


Then just click on the blue “Send Invitation” button on the bottom right


That will then bring you to this screen which means the login invite was submitted successfully, and it is then up to the new user to go to the email sent to them to activate the login.


The two different access levels now are Business Admin, and Employee. The differences of access is this:

Business admins-have full control of the Business Account and can manage everything, including settings, people, tools and business assets.

Employees-have partial access to the Business account and can only work on tools and business assets assigned to them.Must have Business Admin access in order to link Meta accounts to link to Cloud Campaign’s Social Suite, and to link Meta Business account to Instagram.

Created Oct 2022